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Welcome to my web site! I am a TOGAF certified information systems architect based in Bristol, UK, working on enterprise architecture, solution architecture and solution delivery for medium & large organisations.

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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an approach that can bring powerful insight to business. It provides a consistent way of describing the structure and behaviour of an enterprise and its supporting information systems.  This opens up the means to analyse and better understand an enterprise, and to model and plan business change.

TOGAF 9 certified

The Open Group's TOGAF provides a useful common vocabulary and some starter architecture governance and development processes. I am TOGAF 8.1 and 9 certified and familiar with all aspects of the framework, include metamodel building.  My experience includes working in a new EA practice to  help build up capability, and working in another to move their mature EA capability towards a more agile architecture approach.

The evolution of EA away from being centred around IT is important, and I continue to track Design Thinking, Service Design and Systems Thinking approaches which I believe will contribute to the evolution of approaches that will deliver stronger business impact in future.


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Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture is an approach to defining solutions that are focussed on specific business programmes, projects, processes and information systems.   One of the key skills required is to be able to very clearly identify and communicate the trade-offs that have to be made in identifying the best solution for any specific set of circumstances. Trade-offs that typically need to managed by the solution architect include:

  • Functional - what solution needs to do, 
  • Performance and quality,
  • Strategy -  principles, goals, constraints, 
  • Portfolio - dependencies, constraints,
  • Timeframe - delivery, phasing, 
  • Sourcing and commercial,
  • Operational - both business and IT,
  • Information assurance and security.  
I have deep experience of working in solution architect roles across multiple programmes, projects and suppliers.  This is coupled with considerable experience of the assurance of outsourced solution delivery, supported by a longer-term  background in IT development and IT management.   I can also mentor staff who are moving into solution architect roles.

A bit more about me ...

I was born in Cardiff, South Wales and grew up there, attending Howardian High School.  A graduate of the University of Leeds, I found myself doing IT development work in the late 80s and have made a path from there.  In 1990 I moved to Bristol and liked it so much I'm still there. On leaving Orange after eight and a half years in 2002, I chose to work as an freelance information systems architect.  Since then I have had successful assignments at Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, Ministry of Justice, Skills Funding Agency, and Bristol City Council. You will find me cheering for the Wales rugby and football teams.  I also like to get oudoors and do battle with my camera and a bag of lenses in search of the perfect photograph. 

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